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Pashkevich signature model

raw H80 brass, unlaquered, nickel silver bell, no hight F#, handmade.

ALTO V1 - 3.000,- €

ALTO V2 - 3.600,- €

ALTO V3 - on request

TENOR V1 - 3.200,- €

TENOR V2 - 3.800,- €

TENOR V3 - on request


We offer 3 versions for the Pashkevich signatur model

V1: unlacquered

      no hight F#

      no case

      no mouthpiece

V2: unlacquered

      no hight F#

      incl. BAM cabine  case

      incl. personal set-up

      no mouthpiece

V3: the ultimatevariant to

obtain a saxophone that offers all the possibilities of individualization. Almost everything is possible!- Lacquer, silver plating, gold plating, partly silver plating and much more- Resonator selection- individual engravingExpress your wishes and we fulfil them!


all necks are handmade and unlaquered for the Pashkevich signatur model. This necks are also fit very well on MK6 & SBA!


H80 Brass - 500,- €

Nickel Silver - 700,- €

Copper - 600,- €


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