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July, 2018


Alto/Soprano saxophone, Flute, Clarinet at Latvian Radio Big Band

“Riga Winds alto saxophone same as Riga winds tenor is a great horn and a great competitor for the other brand horns. It gives You the feeling that You can go wherever with, play with it and it comes alive which is why most of the advance player likes vintage horns but You can have it here with a bargain price tag. Sound is rich and vibrant throughout all registers with all the available necks. It’s a great addition that You can choose the neck that suits Your taste and needs. Keep it going guys!”

July, 2018


Toms Rudzinskis Music

"Riga Winds saxophone is one of the best modern instruments, it has a huge sound, great response and the sound is even throughout the horn. While it has similarities with the famous Selmer mark VI, Riga Winds went even further and improved on the old design with for example the bell which is made from a unique material. And of course it comes for a bargain price, making this instrument really appealing for somebody who is searching for a good instrument priced reasonably."

July, 2018


Saxophonist UK

As a professional saxophone player, you want to have a horn that brings diversity in your playing and allows you to be flexible in your sound, style, and your feel. ‘Pashkevich’ signature alto saxophone represents an experience that allows you as a musician to do whatever you want with an instrument and find new possibilities that have not been yet discovered before. The fact that I am able to try 3 different saxophone necks before my purchase, is amazing because that shows that Riga Winds actually value their product and care about their customers. It feels like Riga Winds are trying to find a perfect instrument for a perfect customer that brings totally different (new) experience to me as a musician.

August, 2018





Saxophone with a unique sound. Big sound, quick respond which gives all the tools for creating beautiful art

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