Professional Woodwind repairs was, is and will always be my main field of work.

SWL-music is first and foremost a repair shop for the highest professional standards and secondarily a sales agent for independent sales advice.

I work on all saxophones, clarinets and flutes. Paying attention to every detail is not a selling point for me, it is a promise to myself.

I use all original factory materials, unless I discover new and better materials for specific purposes.

For vintage instruments, I use only original setup, because I believe these instruments should remain in the original.

I am also always available for while-you-wait adjustments for all local and touring musicians; the shop rate is 20,- € hour.

Consultations are By Appointment Only!

Important payment information!

Unfortunately, in recent months we have very bad experiences with the payment behavior of instrument overhauls. We are forced to request 100% advance payment for overhauls. There can be no exceptions.







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